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10 ways to destress after a long work week

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

After a long and stressful week when it just feels like you’ve had no time for y0urself, your family and friends or even just the time to take time-out there are some simple things you can do on the weekend to ensure you de-stress and balance things out.

1. First of all, take the time to get a little more rest. Even a short period of meditation, say 10-15 minutes can help you reset, refocus and recharge.

2. Take some time on first waking up to focus on your breathing. Work on a breathing pattern that suits you and calms you. I like to use a pattern of breathing like this: in for 1 count - hold for 4 counts and breathe out for 2 counts - when you are used to this you can use the same pattern but make it in for 2 - hold for 8 & out for 4. If you practice this focused breathing pattern, it can activate the section of your nervous system that tells you to calm down and you can even use it during the stressful times at work or home whenever you need to get calm and controlled.

3. Make time for a form of exercise that energises you. The hormones that make us feel happy, endorphins, are released when we exercise and help reduces stress at the same time as increasing or health and improving self esteem.

4. Get any chores out of the way whilst listening and singing along to your favourite music. Something fun and upbeat to make the time go quickly.

5. Schedule some time to hang out with and enjoy people that inspire and motivate you.

6. Take the time to cook one of your favourite recipes for yourself, family and friends and maybe consider cooking a double batch so you can freeze one lot for a no-fuss dinner during the week.

7. Get lost in a good book.

8. Re-discover some of your “old favourite” movies - you know the ones that just never fail to make you laugh or cry or just feel good.

9. Ditch the quick shower and take a luxurious long bath.

10. Do something creative or new that fully absorbs you and lets you forget any of the stresses or worries of the working week.

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